Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Otto, Ltd., can handle all aspects of  your real estate and business transactions, including, but not limited to, negotiating purchase, sale and loan transactions, preparing or reviewing all associated documents, acting as escrow agent for business sales, and litigating real property disputes. 

Otto, Ltd. is committed to offering our clients exemplary legal services.  The firm prides itself on being able to successfully conduct the practice of law effectively, cost efficiently, and within the expectations of each individual client.

The firm’s attorney and three staff assistants have combined legal experience of over 35 years.
Let our experience work for you!



Judy and her predecessors have been preparing documents for title and escrow companies in Northern Nevada for over 40 years.  Judy handles the preparation and consultation of all aspects of real and personal property transactions, including but not limited to: buy-sell and loan transactions, foreclosure, leases, easements, boundary line adjustments, and escrow services for business sales. 

Office Staff:

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Nora prepares the documents which are the foundation of the firm.  She reviews all document orders as they are emailed, faxed, or delivered, and prepares the appropriate documents for Attorney Otto's review.  She has been a cornerstone of the firm since 1992, and works with escrow officers, foreclosure Trustees, title departments, and their agents.  

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Jenny moved from Southern CA to Reno in 1998, escaping the erratic city life for a small town atmosphere and, as a result, meeting the man of her dreams, her husband Kurt.  Jenny's primary focus in life is to be a great mother to her two children.  She joined our firm in 2003 as the office manager/bookkeeper, while organizing and assisting with all business sale escrows handled by the firm.  Jenny’s radiant smile puts all our clients at ease.

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The friendly voice that answers the phone, Setha can help with general questions and concerns and assist in preparing that deed to your trust or corporation. In her free time Setha loves to hang out with her boyfriend Donny and her puppy Bruce aka Bruciebutt. When she's not hanging out with them or family, she coaches cheerleading as well as cheering herself. Cheer has been a major passion in her life and she plans on making cheer a long invested passion.